Speakers & Presentation

Javan Erfanian

Bell Canada, NGMN IoT Lead

Javan Erfanian has been involved in telecommunications research and industry for the past 15+ years. He did his education at the Universities of Calgary and Toronto in Canada. His publications are cited in research journals and textbooks and, in addition to being a speaker, he has taught many academic and industry courses and programs, particularly on Communications and Wireless Systems.

In his IEEE involvement, Javan was Chair of IEEE Communications Society in Toronto in 1995-1999 which brought him two international awards. He was the Canadian correspondent for IEEE Communications Magazine in late 90s. He received an IEEE Millennium Medal in 2000, and has been an IEEE Communications Society Lecturer.
In his professional career, Javan is currently Senior Associate Director - Technology Research & Strategy, at Bell Mobility in Canada. In this role, Javan conducts research and charts technology strategy, while working with the global industry and academia on research, innovations and new standards.